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Liver & Hepatitis

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Hepatitis Panel

Includes: 4 Parameters


Hepatitis Panel Is A Group Of Tests Which Are Done To Check If You Have A Hepatitis Infection. Hepatitis Causes Inflammation Of The Liver Which Can Damage Your Liver Badly. Usually, Hepatitis Is Caused By A Viral Infection.

Timely Checkup Is Mandatory To Control The Problem At Initial Stage, Otherwise It Can Damage Your Liver Very Badly.

Some Main Symptoms Of Hepatitis Include sudden Nausea And Vomiting, Fatigue, Loss Of Appetite, Abdominal Pain Etc.

Hepatitis Panel Includes Hepatitis A Virus-IgM Antibodies, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen -HbsAg By CLIA, Hepatitis C Virus - HCV By CLIA And Hepatitis E Virus - HEV IgM Antibodies.

  • Sample Type

    Blood Sample

  • Fasting

    Fasting Not Required

  • One Prick Collection

    Sample Collection At First Prick

  • Home Collection Service

    Free Home Sample Collection

  • Reporting

    Next Day


Orignal Price : ₹ 3100

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  • Hepatitis A Virus -HAV IgM

    Hepatitis A virus-IgM Antibodies

  • Hepatitis B - HBSAg by CLIA

    Hepatitis B Surface antigen (HBSAg) by CLIA

  • Hepatitis C - HCV by CLIA

    Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) by CLIA

  • Hepatitis E - HEV IgM Antibodies

    Hepatitis E virus-HEV IgM Antibodies

Hepatitis Panel

  • Tests Perform By NABL Approved Lab With Latest Machines.
  • Fully Automated & Barcoded Machines.
  • Tests Perform Under Supervision Of MD Pathologists.
  • Sample Collection At Home By Professional, Experienced And Well Trained Phlebotomist.
  • 100% Accurate Reports With Moneyback guarantee.
  • Same Day Reports For All Routine Tests.
  • Free Sample Collection From HOME/OFFICE.
  • Honest Price With Genuine Reports.
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