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Alcohol Risk?

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Alcohol Risk?

Alcohol Risk Assessment Health Checkup


Orignal Price : ₹ 5300

Includes: 94 Parameters

  • Serum Amylase, Serum Lipase
  • AFP - Alpha Fetoprotein
  • Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron Profile
  • Lipid Profile, Liver, Kidney

Drinking occasionally or having a moderate intake of alcoholic beverages leaves minor impacts on your health. You can have serious health issues if you drink frequently with no limitation. In the case of a heavy drinking habit, you must have an Alcohol Test in Greater Noida or your local town/city.  

At UniQ Pathlab, we can help you know what risks you can have and what health issues are developing inside your body with our Alcohol Risk Assessment Health Checkup. Our Screening Tests for Alcohol includes 91 parameters, including kidney, lipid, liver, vitamins, and iron. Done as per the ICMR guidelines, our alcohol risk assessment tests are highly accurate.


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