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Basic Package for allergy


Orignal Price : ₹ 1000

Includes: 25 Parameters

  • Complete Blood Cell Count-CBC
  • Serum IgE Total-Immunoglobulin E

Serum IgE Total - Immunoglobulin IgE


Orignal Price : ₹ 1200

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Serum IgE Total - Immunoglobulin IgE

An allergy is a response from your immune systems to foreign substances that are known as allergens. In general, these allergens/foreign substances that may be certain foods, pet dander, or pollen and are not harmful to you. Your immune system responds when a foreing object tries to enter your body through different body parts such as the nose and skin. As it responds, you experience sneezing and inflammation. 

To safeguard yourself, you should have an Allergy Profile Test. This test will help you know what makes you have an allergy. You can contact UniQ Pathlab for an Allergy Test in Noida, Delhi, and other parts of NCR. At UniQ Pathlab, our Basic Test for Allergy comprises tests for 25 parameters, including complete blood count and serum. Get the test done for avoiding having its symptoms and severity.


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