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For Immunity

Immunity And Health Protection Package- Advanced


Orignal Price : ₹ 4300

Includes: 78 Parameters

  • Immunoglobin IgG, IgA, IgM
  • Vitamin D3 25-Hydroxy
  • Iron Profile, Liver, Kidney
  • Serum Calcium, Uric Acid

Immunity And Health Protection Package Comprehensive


Orignal Price : ₹ 5100

Includes: 94 Parameters

  • Immunoglobin IgG, IgA, IgM
  • Vitamin D, Vitamin B12
  • Iron Profile, Serum Calcium
  • Lipid Profile, Liver, Kidney

Immunoglobulin - IgM, Serum


Orignal Price : ₹ 500

Includes: 1 Parameter


Platelet Count


Orignal Price : ₹ 150

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Platelet Count

Having a strong immune system is essential for each one of human beings. It helps you stay protected from the attack of viral and bacterial infection and diseases. With immunity tests, you can know how strong your immune system is. 

UniQ Pathlab offers an Immunity Check Package in Greater Noida and Delhi to keep you informed on how strong your immunity is. Our Immunity Checkup Package has three offers for you - Immunity & Health Protection Package Advanced, Immunity & Health Protection Package, and IMMUNOGLOBULIN - IgM, Serum. We conduct these tests on 1 to 91 parameters to facilitate you in being healthy and fit. Our results will help you what you should do to enhance your immunity.


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