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Smokers Risk?

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Smokers Risk?

Smokers Risk Assessment Health Checkup


Orignal Price : ₹ 4800

Includes: 90 Parameters

  • CEA - Carcino Embryonic Antigen
  • Sputum AFB, Iron Profile
  • Vitamin D, Vitamin B12
  • Lipid Profile, Liver, Kidney

Sputum AFB


Orignal Price : ₹ 399

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Sputum AFB

Sputum Culture


Orignal Price : ₹ 700

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Sputum Culture

Sputum Gram Stain


Orignal Price : ₹ 450

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Sputum Gram Stain

Quantiferon TB Gold


Orignal Price : ₹ 2500

Includes: 1 Parameter

  • Quantiferon TB Gold

Smoking is seriously injurious to your health. It affects almost each organ inside your body and creates many health problems. First of all, it affects your lungs and leads you to have issues  such as premature deaths, lung cancer, COPD, and heart diseases. You can stay safe and cure your health problems soon with the Smokers Risk Test. 

UniQ Pathlab is an ideal pathology lab for the assessment of your health risks due to your smoking habit. Apart from the Smokers Risk Test, we assist you in Lung Cancer Diagnosis. Our test results can help you detect the potential risks and start treatment to cure the diseases caused by smoking. We conduct this test at our laboratories in different areas of Delhi NCR. On your request, we can collect the requisite samples from your mentioned address and deliver the results there within the stated time.


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